VYNDAQEL® (tafamidis meglumine) and VYNDAMAX® (tafamidis) contain the same active ingredient

VYNDAQEL and VYNDAMAX are prescription medicines that contain the same active ingredient and are used to treat both the wild-type and hereditary forms of transthyretin amyloid cardiomyopathy (ATTR-CM) in adults to reduce death and hospitalization related to heart problems. The clinical studies of VYNDAQEL® (tafamidis meglumine) supported the approval of VYNDAMAX.

VYNDAQEL is taken as four 20-mg capsules once a day. VYNDAMAX 61 mg is a once-daily, single-capsule form of VYNDAQEL that was developed for patient convenience.

In a study, VYNDAMAX 61 mg was shown to work the same way as VYNDAQEL 80 mg.